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I blinked on Friday and woke up and it was Monday morning.  Yup it’s been THAT kind of weekend.  It was also Bradley’s birthday. Since Brad has been working soooooo much overtime we had a pile of stuff to do … Continue reading

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We Had A Dirt Meeting

How many days before an event can you start singing “The Final Countdown” song?  I’m going to go with 25 days. Hey y’all there’s only 25 days left until my Ride for Heart. “It’s the fiiiiiiinal countdown. Dooooo doooo doooo … Continue reading

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Time To Talk About Gardening

I’m going to take down the excitement level from getting my bike out for a second and turn UP the excitement about gardening season.  Last night I hosted a Twitter chat on behalf of @CultivateTO and it got me amped … Continue reading

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Canadian Organic Growers Conference

Yesterday I attended the Canadian Organic Growers Conference for the second year.  Yet again COG put on a wonderful conference.  What I really appreciate is that they had all new sessions, new speakers, new content.  (Some conferences seem to repeat … Continue reading

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It’s A Garden

With me working on my midterm studies and Brad being sick, our house is an absolute $*%@ show.  Let me show you some pictures of my office. For starters I had to get down on the ground yesterday and lay … Continue reading

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Feeling Like Myself Again

Oh wow, I cannot believe how much support I got on yesterday’s post.  Thank you so much for accepting what I had to say. Yesterday was the first day I started to feel like myself again after being sick.  I … Continue reading

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Being Prepared Is Awesome

Am I ever happy that I spent Sunday being on the ball.  Because not everything goes as planned all the time.  My friend Claire wasn’t well yesterday so I spent the day with her.  When I got home I still … Continue reading

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Is There Anything Busier Than A Bee

Because if there is, that’s me.  Really like maybe a crazy busy lizard or something?  This morning my busyness has hit an intense and possibly manic pace.  You may have noticed how late I’m publishing this post. First off – … Continue reading

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What A Good Day

In a job interview I was in last year, I was asked “what is the one event that made the biggest impact in your life?” My answer: The day I started my blog. As I’ve mentioned many times before, the … Continue reading

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It’s A Regular Sanitation Serenade

“Oh, I love trash! Anything dirty or dingy or dusty Anything ragged or rotten or rusty Yes, I love trash“ Man oh man do I ever love composting.  Really it’s so cool!!!!!!  My friend asked me last night “what exactly … Continue reading

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