This Is Me

My name is Morgan and I started Life After Bagels to share all about how I stay healthy and fit.

I live in Toronto, ON with my boyfriend Brad.

I recently took a leap and faith and left a career that I loved to go back to school full time.  In January 2011 I started working on an Honours Bachelor of Administrative Studies degree at York University.

Now I’m studying, blogging, working part time and trying to fit all of my healthy adventures into a tight budget.

Wish me luck!

Blogging Since: August 2009

Vegetarian Since:  July 2008

Strength Training Since:  February 2009

Running Since:  August 2009

Cycling Since: May 2010

Send me any comments, questions, hellos to

You can also see my FAQ and Health Benefits pages for more juicy details

I am not an expert on food or exercise.  Please see a doctor or registered dietician for any and all health advice.

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