You Can Have A Fit Vacation If You Want To

When I think about vacation or heck, even days off, I always think about having extra time to workout.  I love being at the gym and both Brad and I love a good 2 hour workout (yeah we straight set, don’t judge).

When vacation is at the cottage, you gotta get inventive though.  I already told you I brought my resistance bands and they were super helpful.  Plus, I had me some outdoorsy badass workouts to do with the other materials I could get my hands on.  Behold:

Ya dudes, I flipped a tire.  We just found a tire on the beach et voila instant workout!  Tires are way heavier than I imagined, why didn’t anyone tell me that this was going to take my entire body.  I seriously thought it was going to take a little forearm and a flick of the wrist … but no.

I concocted some sort of cottage extravaganza workout most days, plus a few runs, plus there was just so much stinking rain last week that Brad and I drove into town to hang out at the YMCA to get some lifting in.  << That run on sentence is longer than my run this morning.  I ain’t an english major kids.

Don’t worry, I also made lots of time for fun and regular cottage stuff … like watching the beautiful sunset on Lake Huron.

The picture barely does it justice.  But no matter – cause I’m going back again this weekend :) .

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7 Responses to You Can Have A Fit Vacation If You Want To

  1. Great work! Its always tough to find the motivation or tools to workout at the cottage but you guys did a great job!

  2. I find it super hard to work out while I am at the cabin for the weekend. I find that I have to make sure and go before lunch otherwise, it’s not going to happen. And I tell everyone that I am going running at whatever time. That way they can help me get out the door!!

  3. Definitely convenient that you found a tire! Built in workout right there.

  4. Ooooo look at that pretty sunset!

  5. Daniela G says:

    “That run on sentence is longer than my run this morning. I ain’t an english major kids.”

    I think that was the icing on the cake to a great day.

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