Training For …? Now What

It’s the day after Christmas.  Or the week after Warrior Dash.  Same thing.  I’ve written about this many time before but no matter what it always happens … that now what feeling.  Now that all of the hill training is done, what on earth should my training plan look like?  Can I even call it my training plan?  Cause I ain’t training for anything.

Have you seen those pinterest-y images / quotes that say something like “I’m training for life”.  Cheesy right?  Although a little true.  Working out isn’t all about weight loss or races.  I love being at the gym.  I love lifting weights and checking out my shoulders in the mirror (as if you don’t do it, cause you do).

So even though I don’t have a race ahead of me, and my weight loss efforts are mainly over, I’ve continued to drag my bruised body (from Warrior Dash FTR) to the gym every day this week.  The key for me in the next month is going to be focus.  There’s no better way to focus than writing it down.  This morning I took to the master of record keeping aka the post it note.

Let me ask y’all this >>> Are you a writer downer / tracker / planner of your workouts, or do you freestyle it everyday?

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7 Responses to Training For …? Now What

  1. Miz says:

    Im an intuitive worker-outer BUT was not for ssoooo long.
    JUST LIFT :-)

  2. Jo says:

    A bit of both right now, actually. I’m training for a half marathon distance, so my running schedule is structured, but for strength/cross training, I wing it depending on what I feel like. I’m really active in the summer and bike/walk EVERYWHERE so I much prefer to freestyle with whatever I’m in the mood for. :)

  3. Tamara says:

    Since I’m never training for anything but ‘the sport of life’ ;) , I go back and forth between tracking and free-styling.
    I do find that when I’ve hit a plateau, or am having a hard time motivating myself to exercise, having a 4 to 6 week plan works. Somehow having that piece of paper that tells me exactly what to do ensures that I get it done!
    (And I use post it notes too…)

  4. I am a ‘writer downer’ and love tracking my workouts on dailymile. However, there are some days when I head in to the gym and just wing a workout because I am not prepared – and THOSE days are the days when I am least motivated.

    When I have a plan in place… I tend to be more motivated and rock my workout ;)

  5. I track everything in terms of exercise. Between blogging needs and contests/rewards available through the tracking apps, it’s kind of mandatory. Having said that, I do very little planning – at best I can make sure my running, biking (and to a lesser degree swimming) priorities have been met (or close to it) on a week by week basis, and try to leave room for strength and of course, recovery.

  6. Maggie says:

    For weights I write it down. I can’t remember all of my sets and reps on a weekly basis and I tend not to push myself as hard if I don’t see what I have been doing in the recent past.

    I haven’t been running or doing as much body weight work as I used to and I haven’t been writing it down. When I am into it though, I track it.

  7. Sara Hamil says:

    I totally feel you – I’m really bad for instantly falling off of my running routine the moment a race is over. When I don’t have something to train for I have a hard time sticking to it! Trying to shake it off though… Congrats again on conquering Warrior Dash!

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