Training For …? Now What

It’s the day after Christmas.  Or the week after Warrior Dash.  Same thing.  I’ve written about this many time before but no matter what it always happens … that now what feeling.  Now that all of the hill training is done, what on earth should my training plan look like?  Can I even call it my training plan?  Cause I ain’t training for anything.

Have you seen those pinterest-y images / quotes that say something like “I’m training for life”.  Cheesy right?  Although a little true.  Working out isn’t all about weight loss or races.  I love being at the gym.  I love lifting weights and checking out my shoulders in the mirror (as if you don’t do it, cause you do).

So even though I don’t have a race ahead of me, and my weight loss efforts are mainly over, I’ve continued to drag my bruised body (from Warrior Dash FTR) to the gym every day this week.  The key for me in the next month is going to be focus.  There’s no better way to focus than writing it down.  This morning I took to the master of record keeping aka the post it note.

Let me ask y’all this >>> Are you a writer downer / tracker / planner of your workouts, or do you freestyle it everyday?

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