Confidence, ACTIVATE!

Aside from work (okay and the cottage), my entire life has been consumed with either training for Warrior Dash or prepping for my final exam for my personal trainer certification.  Luckily (foolishly?) I’ve scheduled allllll of the above in the same week.  Tomorrow I’m heading to my CPR and First Aid.  Monday is my practical exam for PT, and next Saturday is Warrior Dash.  Wooooooo!!!!!

I’m trying to be super confident and excited but the truth is I’m a bit nervous about both.  BUT, the best thing I can do is prepare prepare prepare.  I’ve been running hills for weeks and weeks for Warrior Dash.  Yesterday’s hill run wasn’t the best, but sometimes you just gotta get ‘er done.  As for practicing for my PT exam, I’ve been taking Jacky through workouts all week.

Yesterday and today are two-a-day workouts…  SERIOUSLY never thought I’d say that.  But heck, this stuff is important and I did take the summer off of school.

Let’s end this post, I’m rambling.  Obviously proof of my nerves!  HAPPY WEEKEND everyone :)

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