The Secret Is Revealed – A Happy Canada Day New Flavour From The Simply Bar

This is a sponsored post from Simply Choices.

Happy Canada Day everyone.  As you know I love me some good ol maple leaf celebration.

Last week I shared on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook that Simply Choices had a Top Secret launch for July 1st.

Let me congratulate Simply Choices on their 10th anniversary.  They’re a Canadian, women owned company and I’ve been so lucky to get to partner with them on many occasions on this blog to share some delicious snacks with you.  Here we are, together again to celebrate Canada Day with this awesome new canuck-friendly flavour …

CUE THE MARCHING BAND ……. Maple Pecan!!!!

This is a seriously delicious flavour.  The first bar I tried I was MMMmmmm-ing and MMMmmmm-ing and MMMmmmm-ing.  (MMMmmmm is a verb now by the way).

We’ve obviously got a box of bars for one of you as well.  GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY :D :D :D

One winner will receive one box of Maple Pecan Simply Bars.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me your proudest Canadian moment (personal, maybe something from the Olympics, a proud moment for civil rights in Canada, etc.)
  • For an additional entry tweet: I’ve entered to win the NEW maple pecan flavour from @SimplyChoices and @LifeAfterBagels

Contest open until Friday July 5th 2013 at 11:59pm ET.  Winner will be drawn at random from all entries.

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14 Responses to The Secret Is Revealed – A Happy Canada Day New Flavour From The Simply Bar

  1. Thanh Do says:

    My proudest moment was when my family and I got our Canadian citizenship almost 20 years ago and got to live in this great nation. Happy Canada day!

  2. My proudest Canadian moment(s) would probably have been watching the Stanley cup playoff finals in 2011 (Vancouver v. Boston), which had been just a few months after the Olympics in Vancouver. At every Vancouver home game, Mark Donnelly would come out and sing the anthem, and the electricity in the building was so electric that I could feel it even in my own home! I don’t think I’ve ever heard our anthem sung that loud at any hockey games before then, and it made me pretty proud to be Canadian – and the fact that our Canadian Men’s hockey team won Gold at the Vancouver Olympics a few months prior made the sound of our anthem that much sweeter!

  3. Elle says:

    One of my proudest Canadian moments lately was watching Alex Bilodeau become the first Canadian ever to win Olympic gold on home soil in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Wahoooo!

  4. Elle says:

    And I tweeted… so excited to see this new flavor!

  5. GM says:

    When my mother became a Canadian citizen and the first times I saw her proudly singing the anthem after that. But honestly I feel a stir within for our great country day to day when I encounter the wonderful people and sense of community/comradery in my every day life.

  6. UMMMM YUM!! Maple anything is delicious!

  7. Chris Hadfield & Barenaked Ladies – watching Chris’s live telecast on Music Monday from outer space was really cool.

  8. Alex says:

    There are so many moments that make me a proud Canadian. I think the most recent proud moment was courtesy of Chris Hadfield. He helped everyone fall back in love with space.

  9. erin says:

    My proudest Canadian moment was when I was in italy at 16…. some guys thought we were from the USA when they heard my friends and I speaking english… when they found out we were from Canada they got the biggest smile on their faces and we so glad we weren’t American. I was young and didn’t realize the significance of it – but now I do! Proud to be Canadian!! :-)

  10. Ana says:

    I’m a proud Canadian for many reasons but learning more about the underground railway and the role Canadians played in freeing slaves makes me very proud.

  11. Andrew P says:

    Like other’s have already mentioned, the most recent proud moment for me would have to be Chris Hadfield, with the aid of social media he allowed everyone to get a glimpse of what living aboard a space station is like.

  12. Lizzie says:

    I know I’m late for the giveaway, but just had to share that my proudest moment as a Canadian would have to be taking the oath of citizenship – in English then in French! It’s not a decision I took lightly to become a Canadian, so that day was very affirming in many ways. It’s an honour to be able to call Canada home.

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