Handing Over The Reins

Morning all, if you haven’t read my 75k Ride for Heart recap click on over to yesterday’s post!

Yesterday’s question of the day was “how are you feeling today?”

Amazingly I was feeling pretty good yesterday.  I had a doctor’s appointment at 9am for a post ride assessment.  He was very impressed with my quick recovery.  The doctor said it was a testament to how hard I had trained and worked at my physical therapy.

Let’s move on to some non bike riding topics for the first time in weeks 😛

Last night Brad had to join me on campus to go see the school lawyer.  I had to get an affidavit saying that we are legally spouses (common law) to apply for OSAP.  I then titled the trip “take your husband to school day.”  I treated him to the finest food we had in the student centre – fried chicken.  Brad said it was the dirtiest food he’d had in years.  I got a vegetarian burrito, it was quite a bit less greasy.

After our trip to school we had to go grocery shopping, but I didn’t make a grocery list.  I ALWAYS have a list.  Brad decided that he was going to be in charge of the shopping.

No Frills was having their dollar sale.  This distracted him, the man loves a deal.  I was mostly silent during the entire trip.  At one point he was holding a package of $1 hot dogs, turning them over and over in his hands.  But he put them back (phew!)

It was funny to watch him stand in the aisles, so pensive.

We’ll have to see over the next few days if his grocery purchases will make themselves into full meals.

Do you grocery shop with a list or do you wing it when you get to the store?

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