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Hello from my cushy bed!  I made myself breakfast and coffee and came back to bed so I could spend as much time as possible with my hip stretched out.  Yesterday was tough on me.  I’m on campus for almost twelve hours on Tuesdays.  It’s a long day, and it’s a long time to be in a sitting position when that is precisely the position that yanks on my pulled muscles.

My doctor instructed me to get up and stretch often.  I took advantage of all of my half way breaks to have a little walk and get into some stretches.  I even excused myself from class a few times to relieve my hip.

I swear I’m being the perfect patient!

And in between two of my classes I went out to the lawn and just lied back on the grass.

I’ll be doing the same today between classes.

Over the last week I’ve been getting a bunch of questions about ride day from friends, family, classmates, readers.  I thought I’d share the Q’s and A’s.

Have you decided to drop down in distance (to 50k or 25k)?

Believe me I’ve thought about it.  But as of right now I’m still planning on the full 75k and that’s the intention of my doctor as he helps to prepare me. Like I mentioned on Twitter last night, it will be a “game time” decision.  I may decide at any point from today up until the turn around loop as I’m riding to cut my distance.  I’ll see my doctor again on Friday and that will give us a better idea of what I may be capable of.

How long is it going to take you to ride 75k?

Great question.  And I have no idea.  Really none.  It’s hard to gauge how long it will take based on my training rides because I have to contend with traffic for some of the training ride. Plus, because I’m on paths for other parts of training it’s hard to calculate the distance accurately.  All I hope is that I’m cruising into Exhibition before they have to open the highway again.

What’s your longest ride so far?

My last training ride was on Sunday and it was 55k.  I had to cut it short with my pulled hip.  My doctor says that conditioning wise, I’ll be able to make the jump from 55 to 75k.  The most important thing this week is resting the tendon in my left knee (the ongoing problem that I’m seeing the doctor for) and resting my new pulled muscles in my right hip (these are a result of existing injuries to other muscles in my hip).

Are you training this week?

I’m planning to be on my bike today and Saturday.  Today is a test to see how the pulled muscles feel.  It will be a short and gentle ride.  I wouldn’t call it training so much as just loosening up my legs and practicing the body positioning that my doctor has been working with me on.

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