Me, Excessive?

Yesterday started out wonderfully!!!!  I got to catch up with Jess before she jet-sets off on her French adventure.

We were meeting for coffee but ended up grabbing lunch at Aroma Cafe.  I got this sandwich (which by the way was only a half serving and it was humongous.)  It had hard boiled eggs, avocado, tomatoes, and jalapeños.  SO good :)

I went straight from our date to my physical therapy appointment.  I nervously listed my current ailments.  My doctor just gave me a head shake.  He knew I had to put in all those kilometres on my bike last week but I also jumped on my bike for commuting purposes on Saturday, and spent the weekend in the garden.  He wasn’t so happy about the last two.

His response “I know that activity level seems normal to you, but it’s excessive.”

Me, excessive?  Never 😉

My hip situation is actually two pulled muscles that cross each other and it happened by having my hip/leg in the flexed position.  This is also the same position you have when you sit.  Resting is going to be hard.  But since I don’t have school on Mondays I made an office in my bedroom and spent a few hours there stretched out.

Today I am at school for twelve hours.  I’m not sure how this is going to work.  My doctor told me I have to get up often and stretch.

By the way, FIVE DAYS until I ride.  I’ve had so many wonderful donors so far, I would love another few donations please :)

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