Riding In The Slow Lane

Happy long weekend Canuck friends. I have fled the city in the name of wilderness. This should be good for the whole slowing down thing n’est pas?

I did pretty well yesterday, except that my pace is now slower than your average Torontonian. I actually got stepped on twice from behind while leaving the subway. Uhhhh slow and steady wins the race right? 😉

We got to the cottage just after dinner last night and some very exciting things have happened.

Such as:

• Sleep! Glorious sleep. Brad and I both needed some a lot.

• My physical therapy exercises.

• Annnnd Brad crashed his Dad’s new motorbike. He’s generally okay. But he banged up his shoulder pretty good and has some road rash.

I swear if the two of us make it to our Ride for Heart it will be an absolute miracle!

For the rest of the evening I’ll be sitting by the fire, which I made. I even chopped the wood! Always time or exercise 😛


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