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WOW!!!!!  The grand total of top bids from my auction yesterday was:


Thank you so very much for all of your support.  A few of those dollars is going towards Brad’s fundraising goal since he is also riding.  Once all of the bids come in I’m going to be alllllllmost at that $1000 mark.


Now that the fundraising is taken care of I’ll be concentrating on the training.

Unfortunately, the fundraising was the easier part.  The training is going to be a little bit difficult.

Yesterday afternoon, as you guys were getting hot and heavy over the auction, I visited the sports doctor.  My sore ankle from the car accident wasn’t really bothering me too much but I kept my appointment anyways because I knew that I should get my hips and knees checked out.

I don’t talk often or in depth about the problems with my knees and hips.  Usually I just roll it all together and say “I’ve got bad joints.”  The reason I haven’t written much about my pain before is that I never really had a diagnosis.  I didn’t know what to tell anyone except that it hurts, a lot.  I experience pain in my left knee and my right hip daily.

I’ve had the knees and hips checked out a bit before by doctors at the clinic.  Last summer my new family doctor did a full examination.  I had a bunch of blood tests and what seemed like a billion X-rays.  Everything came back fine which meant I didn’t have, for example, arthritis, and the X-rays were totally clear.

After all of those tests came back I pretty much gave up on figuring out what was wrong and continued managing my pain daily.

Like I mentioned last week, after telling my family doctor about my training for the Ride for Heart and my sore ankle he decided to refer me to a clinic that specializes in professional athletes.  Yesterday I actually saw a chiropractor.  He did a very lengthy examination.  It involved watching the way I did certain movements, how I walked, how I went up and down the stairs.  He manipulated my legs into many a positions to test for pain, he tested for strength, and always my least favourite part of an exam – pushing on the sore parts.

Finally we got the the diagnosis.  There were diagrams.  I think I blacked out for parts of it.  To be honest my pain problems are an an extremely emotional issue.  The doctor told me that the issues were complex and the treatment would be multifaceted.

The knee: patella tendinopathy – at a very severe stage

The hip: he didn’t have a specific diagnosis but said that it was a very bad strain and that all of the muscles around the hip were tight and pulled

The treatment is going to involve a lot of strengthening and stretching.  He told me that we need to start at the core and go all the way down to the feet.  Some of my issues involve certain core muscles that aren’t strong enough, my left ham string is too short, sensors in my feet that don’t function normally.  Aside from the strengthening and stretching the doctor needs to help me retrain my body to do all of the regular movements that people do in a day.  For example – sitting, using the stairs, getting out of a chair, walking.

We’re starting with four weeks of treatment with two visits a week and reassess my treatment plan after that.  I’ll see him again tomorrow morning for my first treatment.  We’re going to talk about my training plan then.  The frequency and intensity of training may change or may stay the same, but my stretching and icing routines are definitely going to change.

I know it seems like a no brainer to get treatment and I’m sure some of you are thinking that I should have gotten it sooner.  But like I said, this is all such an emotional issue that I am guilty of sticking my head in the sand and hoping it would go away sometimes.  Plus this is a pretty big financial strain.  Some of the treatment will be covered by Brad’s benefit plan thankfully but we’ll bear some of the cost.  With our very limited income this is going to be hard and we’ll have to juggle quite a bit to make it happen.

Harrrummpphhhh.  That was a mouthful wasn’t it.  I commend you if you’re still reading.  I’ve gotten a lot of reader questions about my joint pain before and I never really had a good answer so I wanted to be able to write this post.  Plus this is going to factor in to my training of course.

Thanks for listening everyone :)

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