Auction Item: Magnum Nutraceuticals Supplement Package

My friend and Magnum sponsored athlete Robyn Balwin recently introduced me to Magnum Nutraceuticals.  She was kind enough to hook up an awesome prize package of some of her favourite products.

Bid on this:

Shipping: US or CANADIAN addresses

Opening bid: $10

How to bid: leave a comment below with your bid (must have a valid email address)

** each bid must be higher than the one before, scroll to the bottom to see highest bid

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PS – If you are the winning bidder, I highly recommend the Chocolate Love flavour of the protein.  This is the most chocolate-y delicious protein powder I’ve ever tasted.  It’s Robyn’s fav flavour too!

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  4. Catherine Kelly says:

    $40.00 :) )

  5. Catherine Kelly says:


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