Auction Item: Booty Camp Fitness 4 Week Session

The warm weather is upon us and maybe you want to start working out outdoors or maybe you want to get yourself sculpted and lean for the season. ¬†Either way Booty Camp Fitness will give you an awesome women’s only workout in only 2 nights a week.

Bid on this:

Shipping: open to bidders who can attend at one of 100 Canadian locations

Opening bid: $10

How to bid: leave a comment below with your bid (must have a valid email address)

* each bid must be higher than the one before, scroll down to see last bid

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PS: For any of you fearless fitness females out there – you should check out their newest endeavor: Femme Fitale. ¬†Femme Fitale is meant to “tone & sculpt your body with this calorie burning kickboxing workout designed to shed pounds…”

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