Auction Item: Blog Header Design

***Please note, if you win this bid your donation will go to Brad’s Ride for Heart campaign.  He has been training with me and will be riding the 75k with me.

My graphic designer AKA my boyfriend, Brad is joining me for the Ride for Heart.  Please help him reach his fundraising goal by bidding on this service.  Brad designed my header, business cards, fitness challenge buttons, and any many other design services I’ve asked him for over the years.

You can check out his blog or website to see some of his work.

Bid on this:

  • a brand new BLOG HEADER
  • graphic will be fit to your theme/design

Shipping: this is an international prize but you must be available for a consultation over Skype

Opening bid: $10

How to bid: leave a comment below with your bid (must have a valid email address)

** each bid must be higher than the one before, scroll to the bottom to see highest bid

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13 Responses to Auction Item: Blog Header Design

  1. Nicole Pointon says:


  2. Bernie Crawford says:


  3. $20. Our home page just needs a tiny bit of tweaking!

  4. Bernie Crawford says:


  5. okay, I have a connection! Sort of. It’s a weak signal. But please put my bid at $35.

  6. Bernie Crawford says:


  7. Bernie, you’re going down. $40

  8. Bernie Crawford says:



  9. Bernie Crawford says:

    Nicely done!

  10. Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:


  11. Thank you Bernie. It was total luck because my internet connection is so weak lately that it walks, not flies. And thank you also for helping convince me to bid up for a good cause!

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