Auction Item: Adult Essentials 6 Month Supply

I have been taking the Adult Essentials multi-vitamins for just over a year now.  I can proudly say that this is the ONLY multi-vitamin that Brad and I have remembered to take on a regular basis.  Hello they’re gummies!

Bid on this:

  • 6 month supply of Adult Essentials
  • = 4 Adult Essentials multi-vitamins
  • = 2 Adult Essentials B-12
  • = 2 Adult Essentials Vitamin D
  • = 4 Adult Essentials Omega **(note that for US bidders the Omega’s will be substituted with an alternate product due to shipping constraints)

Shipping: Open to CANADIAN and US bidders (note the shipping constraint above for US)

Opening bid: $10

How to bid: leave a comment below with a valid email address

** each bid must be higher than the one before, scroll to the bottom to see highest bid

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I can’t thank Adult Essentials enough for donating the GRAND PRIZE auction item.  This item is so good I’m dying to bid on it myself!!!

For any moms out there, you should also check out Iron Kids Gummies for your little ones.

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