My First Race Expo

WHOA!  The 5k is tomorrow.  That was fast eh?  Probably because I only signed up for it two weeks ago.  I obviously don’t recommend doing that because that’s not enough time to train if you’re not a runner, which I’m not.  But since my expectations are reasonable for tomorrow and I’m going to be careful about listening to my body, I know I’m going to be okay.  The MOST important thing for me right now is my Ride for Heart training.

I was over the moon yesterday at the race expo.  I just kept repeating “my first race expo!!!!!”

Picking up our race bibs was so exciting.

Brad’s trying to use his cool face, but he’s excited too I promise 😛

We rode our bikes down to the expo and back.  On the way home we stopped at Trinity Bellwoods park for some apple snacks.  (Apple snacks are just sliced apples but eating an apple whole is in fact not an apple snack.  Just an FYI 😛 )

We’re spending today doing outdoor chores.  Hooray for spring!

Thanks again to Chobani for the race entries!  If you’re running at the Goodlife Marathon tomorrow look for the CHOmobile at the finish line and grab a cup of delicious yogurt!.

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