Running And Riding And Juicing

I’ve got a jam packed post y’all.  Yesterday I went over to my friend Kate’s house to blend things.  Seriously!  Brad had to chuckle and roll his eyes when I told him my plan.  But hello, she just got a Vitamix.  Vitamix is the cadillac of blenders.  I had to see it in all it’s glory :P

Behold the magnificence:

We blended a zucchini.  I’ve never even thought of that.

Now rewind to Wednesday night for a second.  I made a video of my training.  It’s kind of a double training because I rode and ran.  I met Krysten, Robyn, and Jess for a run.  They’re training for a Warrior Dash in July.  My total workout was:

  • 6 km ride
  • 3 km run
  • 6 km ride

LESS THAN A MONTH until my Ride for Heart.  I have so much riding to do and so much fundraising to do before then.  If you check out the sidebar of my blog I’ve added a Daily Mile widget.  It’s going to track how many kilometres I ride from May 1st to June 3rd (ride day).  (Plug for DONATIONS pretty please click here!)

Back to running for one second.  Only two days until my first 5k!  Whoa it’s coming up so fast.  I’m going to be heading to the race expo today to register.  My first race expo :D

Who has a Vitamix?  Who wants to gift me a Vitamix, okay just kidding.  Ever blended a zucchini?

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5 Responses to Running And Riding And Juicing

  1. steph says:

    That is amazing, looks so delish. I will try a zucchini in my next smoothie.

  2. dave leitch says:

    I really like what you are doing. Please don’t hurt your knee you could be out for a long time. Doing to much a first is as bad as not enough.

  3. Carly says:

    I want a juicer! That looks fabulous!
    Great job on the workout, too – what program do you use to edit your video?

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      I use iMovie … but in a very angry/sensitive/long story my computer is going back on Monday, when I get a new one I’m going to install Movie Cut Pro or whatever that one is called

  4. I have a crap blender and a decent juicer……I constantly prefer juicing but I think if I had a vitamix I would totally make smoothies waaaay more often. I’m SO jealous of anyone who has one.

    Just tonight, as I made a smoothie, I thought to myself ‘if we even hit rich, that’s the first thing I’m gonna get.’ hehe.

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