Mish Mash It’s May!!!

Happy May 1st all :)

I’ve got a huge mish mash post for you today.  Let’s begin.

TOMORROW I am hosting a Twitter Chat with @CultivateTO.  We will be chatting about urban agriculture, gardening, growing your own food, etc.  Please join me!

  • follow @CultivateTO and the hashtag #CultivateTO for the chat
  • 9pm EST
  • Wednesday May 2nd
  • you can use the search function on Twitter.com, Tweetdeck, or BEST option – tweetchat.com
  • email me morgan@cultivatetoronto.com if you have any questions

Next mish mash, I had a super delicious dinner yesterday.  I’ve been trying to add more variety to my meals.  Last night my dinner was baked beans (homemade), sweet potato, parsnips, broccoli, and avocado.

I ate the broccoli and the avocado together, ohhhhhhhh it was good.

After dinner I made pumpkin muffins based on this recipe from fitsugar.com.

This was the perfect bedtime snack after my kind of work out.  I say kind of because I only did 20 minutes of pilates and then switched to 20 minutes of stretching.  Brad was working late again and I convinced him to come home and try a quick pilates workout.  He wasn’t a fan and had me giggling through the entire thing.

Last mish mash – I’m currently obsessed with Instagram.  I know, late to the party as usual.  You can find me as lifeafterbagels if you want to follow me and feed my obsession.  I’m going to participate in that photo a day thingy everyone’s been doing.  Do it with me!!!

Hooray for a new month!!!

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