Picasso Pie

Alternatively titled Picasso AND pie ūüėõ

Yesterday Brad and I had preview tickets to see the Picasso exhibit at the AGO.

We’re often asked if our membership fees are worth it. ¬†YES definitely! ¬†I’m not sure the exact price of the special exhibits but I know they’re somewhere around the $25-$28 range and members get in for free. ¬†If we see two special exhibits during the year then our membership is worth it. ¬†Plus, we like looking around at the permanent pieces as well. ¬†We liked the Picasso exhibit so much we’re going to go back and see it some time over the next month or so before it leaves.

After the exhibit we walked over to Kensington market. ¬†Neither of us had ever been to Wanda’s Pie In The Sky before and it was my idea to grab some coffee and a snack. ¬†It was also my idea to get two pieces of pie.

That was one piece more than we needed.  But how could I decide between pecan and peanut butter cheesecake?

Amazing. ¬†Delicious, etc, etc………

Oh and I have some super exciting news.  We FINALLY took our bikes in to be tuned up.  Hooray!  We had been so busy and our bike shop is kind of far from our house so it was on our to do list forever (along with our taxes).  We should have our bikes back within a few days and it will REALLY be time to get serious about our Ride for Heart training.

As for today, we’ll be doing a training run for our 5k. ¬†Only a week to go!

What’s your favourite type of pie?

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