A Tale Of Two Burgers

Yo!  I posted twice yesterday.  If you missed it check out my 5k training run #2.

Brad has been working lots of overtime this week and you all know that I was studying overtime basically all month.  SO we’ve been trying to steal as much time as possible with each other.

Yesterday I met him at work and we went to do our taxes on his lunch break.  It was such a relief to get our taxes done.  It’s just one of the many tasks I have on my list while I’m off school this week.

Last night Brad had to go to the dentist and then he had a gallery opening to go to.  Since he didn’t have time to come home for dinner I suggested a burger date.  Burger dates are our favourite!  It’s easy to find a good beef burger, but finding a good veggie burger is difficult.  Brad took on the task last night and with the help of google and some recommendations from his colleagues he came up with BQM on Ossington.

Here’s the veggie burger:

It was a huge slab of tofu goodness.  It was marinated and grilled so it had a delicious flavour and was topped with cucumber, lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli, and bqm bbq sauce.  SO GOOD!

And since it’s Friday let’s be silly.  A friend of mine shared this video with me last night and I died.  He-man really knows how to groove eh 😉

“What’s going on?”

Tell me about the best burger you ever had.  Extra points if you live in Toronto and you recommend an awesome veggie burger to me.  One million points if you leave a YouTube video that’s equally awesome to He-man.

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