Variation Is My Middle Name

Whoa you are all so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement on my race :)

Yesterday I got some serious chores done. The most wonderful of them was grocery shopping. It’s so nice to have real food again.

I got into the kitchen yesterday and got back to some real cooking (vs heating up soup). I pulled out my Veganomicon book to do some meal planning.

I never make recipes exactly out of the book. I am the queen of variations. Yesterday was a variation of baked pumpkin ziti.

The recipe called for making a cashew vegan ricotta. Instead I used some real ricotta and some silken tofu to make the creamy part of my sauce.

I mixed this into canned pumpkin and added cayenne pepper and caramelized onions to the sauce. Then I stirred the sauce into macaroni and topped it with bread crumbs and sage.

It was so good, a perfect meal for a cold rainy night.

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