Never Say Never – I’m Running A 5K

And by running I mean probably run-walking or walk-running or waunning.  (Not even close to being as good as “Brangelina” as far as word mergers go is it?)

Never say never!  Justin Beiber you wise soul.  I’m fairly certain I said that I’d never run a 5k, but I am.  I am incredibly excited and nervous.  It might seem like a measly distance to some, but for me it’s a lot.

Over the past 5-8 years I’ve been plagued by some fairly serious joint pain.  The truth is, I don’t talk about my joint pain on the blog often.  It’s a pretty sensitive and depressing subject for me.  Don’t worry, I’ve seen my doctor and had extensive testing done.

Although I love running, I’ve never done more than a kilometer or two without walking.  I have a path by my house (that I just calculated the distance for) and it’s 5k.  In the summer I regularly incorporate it into my workouts as a walk/run exercise.

I always thought races were off the table for me.  I could never run the entire distance.  Last week Chobani contact me with an offer to sponsor me and/or a reader in the Goodlife Marathon and the Sporting Life 10k.  Obviously I was interested in neither and was happy to pass the entry on to a winning reader.  But then I got an email back saying that Goodlife Marathon entry could be for the full, half, or 5k distance.

Hmmmmmm 5k you say?

I was in.

I wanted to race, I’ve always wanted to race.  The starting line, the finish line, the race bib.  I wanted all of it, even if it meant walking.  Heck there’s nothing wrong with walking is there?!?!

The date of the race is Sunday May 6th and here’s my first training run:

I’m going to be keeping you updated over the next two weeks with my training. If you have any advice for me PLEASE leave it.  Also please leave me stories about your first race (blog posts links much appreciated!)

One last important tidbit: the WINNER of the entry to the Sporting Life 10K is:


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