There’s Gotta Be Some Fun And Games

I hate to be little miss boring but the bulk of my time lately is studying studying studying.  I’ve got less than a week to go with my finals.  One exam is tomorrow and the last one is Thursday night.

I’ve been able to take a little bit of a break here and there.  On Friday I headed to the Green Living Show with my friend Allison.  We hadn’t seen each other in a few months so we were so chatty.  I forgot to take more pictures.  But I had to whip my camera out for this weird spider man thingy.

The best part of the Green Living Show were the food booths.  Yummmm free samples!  Some of my favourite vendors were there – Neal Brothers and Arvinda’s Spices.  We tried some of the most delicious ice cream (but now I can’t remember the vendor).

It was nice to forget about homework for a few hours.  Yesterday I spent the majority of the day studying accounting.  In the afternoon Brad and I met at the gym for some training on the stationary bike.  I only did an hour since my ankle is still a little sore.  We’re dying to get out on our bikes but they need to have a tune up first and we are so busy we haven’t had the time to take them yet.  But soon I promise!

Today I’m going to have a bit of fun before getting to the library.  Today is our anniversary, we’ve been together for a whopping eight years!

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