Twitter Loves Asparagus

The other day I tweet-asked if you could roast asparagus in the oven. I got DOZENS of tweets back. Someone tweeted me that it would be like roasting them on the bbq. Oh yeah, silly me! But I had never done it before.

Last night I popped those suckers in the oven.

Delicious 😉

On the side of the asparagus I had some brown rice and curried chickpeas, carrots, and onion.

In other news I twisted my ankle pretty bad last night. It hurts!!!! Waaaaah! PLUS my legs are so sore from Wednesday night’s workout. You know when your legs are so sore that you can’t stand? Yeah that. I’m a mess aren’t I?

I’ll live.

On a happier note – I’m heading to the Green Living Show today. Yay!

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