Look Who’s Laughing Now

Remember how I didn’t go to the gym on Monday because of my exam and then bailed on Tuesday’s workout?

It now appears that exercise is flipping the bird at me.  Last night I did Nike Training Club workout called “Stinger.”

There was only one appropriate response for my after workout status update:

I finished my workout at 10pm last night and then was up before the sun rose this morning.  Brad was heading out to do some photography and I told him I’d meet him there and bring some breakfast and coffee to the park.

I figured I’d take advantage of being up early and bundle up for an outdoor workout.

For some foolish reason I decided to do sprint intervals for the first time ever.  My legs were SO heavy.  I guess I forgot the STINGER that happened just over eight hours earlier.

In my head I was running so fast.

What exercise gives you the heaviest legs?

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