I Love Ice Too

Question to other bloggers – do you ever read your spam comments?  I always give them a quick scan to make sure nothing got caught in there.  Sometimes they are too too funny.  This one got me chuckling this morning:

“Magnificent beat ! I would like to apprentice whilst you amend your website”

I think I’d like an apprentice for my blog 😉

Happy Easter Monday!  Are any of you off today?  I hope everyone had a great long weekend.  I spent the entire (and I do mean the ENTIRE) weekend with my nose in the books.  I have my final law exam tonight that’s worth 60% of my grade.


Channel my inner Elle Woods, channel my inner Elle Woods.

I came home from the library for dinner last night and “whipped up” some frozen lasagna and a salad.  Brad had been watching Vanilla Ice’s show on DIY network.  He now flips houses if you didn’t know.  So we watched another episode during dinner.  And he kept watching it for the rest of the night.

Easy peasy and then back to studying.  I got so crazy sleepy last night so I did hit the hay sometime just before 1:00 AM.  I would have liked to get some more studying in but I was doing that thing where you close one eye and squint the other to try to see.  Then when that eye gets tired you switch and use the other eye.  It’s like one eye is studying and one eye is resting.  I’m too old to be a student aren’t I 😛

I usually sleep on the mattress in the living room when I’m up late studying.  Between Brad’s sleeping disorders and my insomnia around exam time, we’re just a disaster.  To ensure I get the soundest sleep possible I get my few hours of shut eye on the air mattress.  I flicked the TV on last night and fell asleep watching Ice Loves Coco.

Nothing like alternating a little intellectual property law with Vanilla Ice and / or Ice T.

What are some reality shows that you watch?  Try and hit me up with some shows I may not of heard of.

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