Born Wicked

Ahhhhhhh shoot.  I’m about to blow your mind and tell you that I have the next Twilight/Hunger Games on my hands.

Today I have another Blogher Book Club review for you:

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

Usually when I’m sent a book for review I make little notes in it.  There was NO time for that.  I read this book at a feverish pace.  SO GOOD!  The only problem is that the next book doesn’t get released until next February.  I’m not sure if I can take it.

I have, in the meantime, joined the Cahill Witch Chronicles Facebook Page.

What’s the book about?  Witches!  Cate, still a teenager, is the oldest of three daughters.  Their mother was a witch, but has recently passed away.  But witches are hunted and Cate promised her deceased mother that she’d protect her sisters.  As you might have guessed that turns out to be harder than she could have ever imagined.  Oh and throw a complicated love story in there for good measure.  (What’s a teen drama without one!)

This is the kind of book that you lay on the couch and read until it’s done.  All at once.

I almost feel guilty for recommending it to you because you’ll have to endure the wait for book two now.  We can keep each other company.

For more information head on over to the Blogher Book Club Born Wicked page.

This is a paid review for Blogher Book Club but all opinions are my own.

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4 Responses to Born Wicked

  1. Miz says:

    Not usually my genre, but I *am* in search of a new read so…..


    You’ve. Made. Me. Curious.

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      that’s what I said when my friends forced me to read Twilight … and look at the slippery slope that has incurred :P

  2. Heather says:

    Ok I have to read this now! I watched the video, I got all excited thinking there was a movie with the book. sad times.

    ok have you read maze runner trilogy? If you like hunger games you MUST read!

  3. I never read Twilight or Hunger Games, so I’m afraid to get myself into that whole circle of crazy by reading this one. But, I think we both know I’m totally going to look for it at the book store now.

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