We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Oh friends.  Ohhhhhhhhhhh friends.

I hate to post when I am feeling so gosh darn frustrated.

You know when a whole bunch of little things just turn into a great big headache of situation?  I guess that’s kind of how I’m feeling.  My computer is in for repair YET AGAIN.  My computer that has all of my notes on it.  My computer that I need to write a final paper with.  My computer that I need for almost every single study action I have to be doing write now.

Anyways.  It also has all of my photos on it so I will deliver my post today via an interpretive drawing.  You all liked it so much last time.

Yesterday was my last day of classes … hoorah!!!!  There’s one thing that makes me happy as clam.  (Side note – I always want to say happy as a clown.  But not all clowns are happy, are they?  Wait a second, are clams even happy?  How would we know?)

While walking out of class I kind of felt like singing “schooooooools out. for. summer!”

But I still have exams and it’s not really summer is it.  Perhaps I shall save my American Idol worthy performance for April 20th, the last day of exams.  Yes on April 20th I will be happy as a __________ ?

Another thing to be happy about – last night’s dinner.  We had mexican casserole.  Girrrrrrrl that is a good meal.  It’s a favourite of Brad’s too.

Again no photo … and so I present you with:

Brad does this drawing horrify you?  (He’s an artist.)

Has this drawing tempted your taste buds?  If yes – check out my mexican casserole recipe.  Make it.  Then send me a drawing ;)

Pray for my computer people.  Pray for it.  And while you’re at it feel free to send some goods vibes to my final exam grades too.  I need all the help I can get.

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13 Responses to We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

  1. Well I hope you learn your lesson about Macs sister…..they are not your friends!

    Anyway, that being said, I LOVE you drawings. Especially the cumin heart because I heart cumin too and it makes me feel bubbles of happiness to see your interpretation of it. hehe

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      how on earth could I still be in a bad mood when you write phrases like “bubbles of happiness” … I heart you like I heart cumin my friend :D

  2. Uhg, I know all too well what it’s like to have your computer crap out at a critical academic time.



    Sending goof vibes!

    Also: Mmmm, mexican casserole (your doodles really DID tempt my taste buds!)

  3. Brad says:

    very nice job I especially like the attention to detail with the corn and elastic to show its not a fresh bag of frozen corn:)

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      thank you darling – detail is my middle name ;)

      and for the record – I can’t say how old that bag of corn was, but it did have freezer burn on it … you’re welcome

  4. dave leitch says:

    Brad’s drawings are very good ,but if you want the best here I am.

  5. You should download ‘draw something’! It’ll take your mind off of your troubles and you can use your wonderful drawing skills. It’s my current obsession! It’s better that the nike fit app!

    Nice drawings, by the way!!

  6. Hahah looooove the drawing! Totally as drool-worthy as photos can be. Sending positivity your way re: computer and exams! good luck!

  7. I love your drawing, it makes the post.

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      Thank goodness you like it. Because without the drawing it’s pretty much a post about me being a miserable cow ;)

  8. Oh no! I’m sending good vibes to you, your exams, and your computer. I have a weird talent to make tech things work just by my mere presence. It’s true! Ask my co-workers! ;)

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