We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Oh friends.  Ohhhhhhhhhhh friends.

I hate to post when I am feeling so gosh darn frustrated.

You know when a whole bunch of little things just turn into a great big headache of situation?  I guess that’s kind of how I’m feeling.  My computer is in for repair YET AGAIN.  My computer that has all of my notes on it.  My computer that I need to write a final paper with.  My computer that I need for almost every single study action I have to be doing write now.

Anyways.  It also has all of my photos on it so I will deliver my post today via an interpretive drawing.  You all liked it so much last time.

Yesterday was my last day of classes … hoorah!!!!  There’s one thing that makes me happy as clam.  (Side note – I always want to say happy as a clown.  But not all clowns are happy, are they?  Wait a second, are clams even happy?  How would we know?)

While walking out of class I kind of felt like singing “schooooooools out. for. summer!”

But I still have exams and it’s not really summer is it.  Perhaps I shall save my American Idol worthy performance for April 20th, the last day of exams.  Yes on April 20th I will be happy as a __________ ?

Another thing to be happy about – last night’s dinner.  We had mexican casserole.  Girrrrrrrl that is a good meal.  It’s a favourite of Brad’s too.

Again no photo … and so I present you with:

Brad does this drawing horrify you?  (He’s an artist.)

Has this drawing tempted your taste buds?  If yes – check out my mexican casserole recipe.  Make it.  Then send me a drawing 😉

Pray for my computer people.  Pray for it.  And while you’re at it feel free to send some goods vibes to my final exam grades too.  I need all the help I can get.

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