If There Was One Hour That Mattered: Earth Hour

I have been participating in Earth Hour since 2008.  It has grown SO MUCH since that time and truly has become a global moment.  I consider it to be one of the most important hours of my year.

What is Earth Hour?

On March 31st from 8:30pm – 9:30pm (your time, wherever you are)

Turn all of the lights, unplug all of your electronics, the goal is to use zero energy during that hour.

Last year Brad and I had a nice cozy fire and a bottle of wine.  It’s a great hour to re-connect with someone and put away your electronics.  Invite a friend or family member over for a drink or coffee in the dark.

Most importantly it’s an hour to reflect on the ways that YOU can be better to the earth.  Last year Brad and I set our intention to go to the neighbourhood park and pick up garbage and we followed through with our plan a few weeks later on Earth Day.

Join me in celebrating Earth Hour!

Even the Lorax is participating ;)

Have you participated in Earth Hour before?  Will you participate this year?  What other commitments have you made in the name of climate change?

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4 Responses to If There Was One Hour That Mattered: Earth Hour

  1. I’ve been doing Earth Hour for 5 or 6 years, I can’t remember exactly when. It usually falls on or around my best friend’s birthday, so there’s always a group of us together. This is the first year I won’t be with this group of friends, but I’m going to continue on the tradition and hopefully get my new group of friends to do it as well.

    It’s a great cause and an even better movement!

  2. I turned off all my lights and such last year, but I kept my tv on because I didn’t want to just sit in the middle of the floor in the dark.
    This year I’ll be participating and doing homework my homework by candlelight. Maybe that will make it more romantic?

  3. I feel like Earth Hour is good for awareness but doesn’t really have a lasting effect on the actual environment.

    I think that doing other things like eliminating plastics (big passion for me now that I’ve learned their impact on the earth but also on humans and animals), using less raw resources (natural gas, electricity, oil, gas, etc), and doing things like gardening and buying local is far more effective. It’s hard work to be counter cultural but can make a real difference. Today by using my own bags for grocery shopping I probably saved 8-10 plastic bags from being in the environment forever….that’s saying a lot.

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