If There Was One Hour That Mattered: Earth Hour

I have been participating in Earth Hour since 2008.  It has grown SO MUCH since that time and truly has become a global moment.  I consider it to be one of the most important hours of my year.

What is Earth Hour?

On March 31st from 8:30pm – 9:30pm (your time, wherever you are)

Turn all of the lights, unplug all of your electronics, the goal is to use zero energy during that hour.

Last year Brad and I had a nice cozy fire and a bottle of wine.  It’s a great hour to re-connect with someone and put away your electronics.  Invite a friend or family member over for a drink or coffee in the dark.

Most importantly it’s an hour to reflect on the ways that YOU can be better to the earth.  Last year Brad and I set our intention to go to the neighbourhood park and pick up garbage and we followed through with our plan a few weeks later on Earth Day.

Join me in celebrating Earth Hour!

Even the Lorax is participating 😉

Have you participated in Earth Hour before?  Will you participate this year?  What other commitments have you made in the name of climate change?

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