Mixed Reviews

I am exhausted friends.  I didn’t get a day off last weekend due to my exam on Sunday and I’m ready to wind down a bit tonight and tomorrow.  But … it has been a great week.

It’s been fabulous to get back to my workouts.  Here’s a recap:

  • Monday = 60 minute run/walk
  • Tuesday = Nike Training Club workout
  • Wednesday = Nike Training Club workout
  • Thursday = 50 minute run / walk

Three of those workouts were outdoors.  Awesome eh?!?!?!  The weather drops out today.

I’ve got more great news to share.  If you recall, last Saturday I totally skipped the St Patty’s day celebrations and was at the library until 10pm.  It made me a little sad that my friends were having fun and I was studying for accounting.  It all paid off.  I have my “unofficial” mark in (drrrrrrrrrrrrum rollllllllll!!!!) and I got 88%.  Hooray :D

I know I’m jumping around here but now let me show you this morning’s breakfast.

Only a bite of banana.  Guess yesterday I took more than half :P

Now to the mixed review part.  Last night was book club.  We read The Paris Wife.  When I first started reading it I tweeted and asked if anyone else has read it.  I got a bunch of tweets back – some loved it, some hated it, some could have taken it or left it.  Our book club members had the same feelings – some good some bad.

I loved it.  It had me totally hooked.  It’s a fictional novel based on real life events from Ernest Hemmingway’s first marriage.

Also, I just started reading Born Wicked.

It’s my next Blogher Book Club review.  You can read my review of it on April 5th.

Gimme your book recommendations.  What are you reading right now?  Have you read The Paris Wife?

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8 Responses to Mixed Reviews

  1. I haven’t read The Paris Wife yet but it’s on my list. I’m a sucker for historical fiction and I love Hemingway, so it only makes sense! Here’s hoping I end up in the “love it” category!

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      Luckily I’m pretty ignorant in the history area so everything that happened was totally surprising to me hahaha – maybe that’s why I loved it so much :P

  2. Gillian says:

    As a huge Hemmingway fan I should probably read this book! I always fall a little in love with him when I read his books.

    And congrats on your 88% – that’s amazing! Brains and beauty!

  3. Congrats on your mark! I’m currently on a little nostalgia trip, listening to music I loved during high school and college (Muse!!), and reading some old Stephen King novels. I literally grew up with his books. Creepy? Just a little. Not all of his stories are full of horror, actually. Think about The Green Mile, Stand By Me, Shawshank Redemption, etc.

  4. All that studying paid off! Good job. :)

  5. dave leitch says:

    try to bring the books to the cottage. It is a great place to read.

  6. WAY TO WORK IT ON THE TEST!!!! You’ve got some serious self discipline girl. Congrats. I totally have a huge respect for people who are able focus on studies. I am not academic at all, I admit it.

    Oh goodness, reading. I am sadly behind on reading due to the early spring we’ve been having. Waaaay more fun to play outside than read sometimes. hehe

  7. Bronwyn says:

    Congrats on the test score! It’s so rewarding when hard work pays off!!

    I’ve been reading A Song of Ice and Fire series (the book series that the Game of Thrones show is based on), and next up I’m going to read the Hunger Games.

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