Shop Til I Drop

We were back to the gym bright and early yesterday morning.  Like I said, I’m really loving my early morning workouts.  We did Nike Training Club app again.  Seriously you have to download it – so GOOD!

Whenever I get home from the gym in the morning I am a ravenous beast.  Here was yesterday’s breakfast number two:

It was a bowl of greek yogurt, raw oats, walnuts, and blueberries.

I spent the rest of morning and afternoon on campus doing some serious homework.

I came home from campus half an hour early to start dinner.  We were having lentil stew but first Brad wanted me to meet him to go shopping.

Want to know a not-so-much-of-a-secret?

I hate shopping.

Oh it’s horrible.

I don’t like shopping for me, for anyone else.  Oh no wait, I do like Christmas shopping sometimes but mostly because it allows me to enjoy the festive season thoroughly.  Okay back to regular shopping – HORRIBLE.

Luckily we were not shopping for me last night, it was for Brad.  He needed some work clothes.  I watched him try on many a garments.  Then when he had his “maybe” pile I watched him try them on again.  Finally he selected the shirts he wanted and we could move on to the important part of shopping.  It was time for a break, I always bring snacks.

By the time we were finished all the shopping I was exhausted and starving.  I had never been so happy to come home to a full pot of lentil stew and a baguette. MMMmmmmmm :)

Are you a shopaholic … or are you mildly allergic to it like I am?

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