That’s A Good Enough Excuse

Sometimes excuses are okay.

Exhibit A: an excuse to have pie.

Last night before I left the library I wrote on my Life After Bagels Facebook page:

Okay out with it – who’s having pie and what kind?

Unbeknownst to me someone who lives in my house and really likes pie decided to comment.

I don’t think you understand how much this man loves pie.  He has pumpkin pie season.  It starts October 1st which he calls “Pie-tober.”  If he had missed pi day and found out that I was hiding it from him there would have been trouble, much trouble.

When I left the library I headed to the grocery store thinking I was going to surprise him.  I didn’t know that he had commented on my page’s wall post.

But there was no pumpkin.  (PS I hate pumpkin pie myself, I was going to get myself something like apple or lemon meringue.)

The only compromise pie I could fine was a Mississippi mud pie.

It was very delicious.  Although it perplexed him.  He analyzed the crap out of it.  Creamy on top, pudding like in the middle.  Does he taste a hint of coffee flavour?

He’s looking forward to another piece tonight, as am I.

Although it’s not technically pie season anymore, pi day is a good enough excuse to have pie don’t ya think 😉

Did you eat pie yesterday?  What kind?  Did you know it was pi day?  How many figures of pi can you recite?

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