Sleep Precious Sleep

We’re still adjusting to this whole working out in the morning thing.  Even though we’re only doing it a day or two a week it still takes some getting used to.  It’s 5am afterall!

It didn’t help anything when Brad went out on Wednesday night and I stayed up late to do homework.  Yesterday we were both very VERY tired.

We hit the hay at 10pm last night for some much needed rest.  Ahhhhhh eight hours of sleep.  How incredibly glorious.  I rarely get that many hours of sleep.  Seven is the most common, but some nights it’s six hours.

I was so rested this morning that I felt disoriented when I walked out of the bedroom.  Oh well!  I quickly found my way to the fridge to fish out a lemon wedge for my hot lemon water.

Last night before we went to bed we watched a documentary called The Interrupters.  I’m writing a paper on it and Brad was interested in seeing it.

Here’s the trailer:

You can watch The Interrupters for free online at PBS frontline.

How many hours of sleep do you usually get?

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10 Responses to Sleep Precious Sleep

  1. MizFit says:

    It is amazing how sleep changes everything for me too.
    Mitigates cravings depression irritability…..all of it.

  2. Tara Burner says:

    I usually get about 4 hrs of sleep
    much more than that and I don’t function
    i’m weird…

  3. I usually get 5-6 hours of sleep during the week, and about 7-9 hours on the weekend. Not ideal, but with my current schedule, I have to make it work.

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      hmmm I feel like I must have asked this question before because I recall you saying this before!

      Do you ever have problems falling asleep on Sunday night if you slept in too much on Sunday morning?

  4. Jennifer says:

    I typically get 7 – 8 hours each night. When my husband was deployed, it was much less because I’d find myself spending way too much time on the computer, but now that he’s home, we’re usually in bed by 11 and my little Weasel is always up by 6ish.

  5. It’s funny how too much sleep can throw you for a loop! I’m really excited when I get a solid seven hours. I have a past history of poor sleeping patterns, but – knock on wood – they taken a turn for the better recently!

  6. Ah sleep, that never ending problem… I wish I could find the right balance! I take amitrityline to help me sleep, if I take it I get my nice 8 hours but then I really really struggle to get up in the morning and spend most of the time before lunch feeling groggy. If I don’t take it I get a max of 6 hours, wake up easily and feel good in the morning but then feel tired in the afternoon! I just can’t sort it out and I wish I could because sleep is so important!

    Sorry for the rant, I’m glad you got a good night’s sleep and I hope things are well :-)

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