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Top Of The Berry To Ya

Oh nelly.  I’ve got a paper due today that’s not done and another due tomorrow.  Extreme. Crazy. Writing. Mode. Frantic may be an appropriate word for today.  I stayed up as late as I could last night but my brain … Continue reading

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Black Bean Butternut Squash Stoup Recipe

Yes I said stoup.  I can’t decide if this is a stew recipe or a soup recipe.  Usually when I make stew it’s so thick that you could eat it on a plate with a fork.  Yes totally chunky.  But … Continue reading

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May I Pull At Your Heart Strings

Good morning and Happy Valentine’s to you.  May I pull at your heart strings on this day of love? As you know I’ve been getting busy at the gym with my Ride for Heart training. On June 3rd I’ll be … Continue reading

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What Makes Me Feel Special

Brad and I have never been huge on Valentine’s Day but we always like to do a little something.  I’m going to be in law class tomorrow night so I figured that we’d do something this weekend or next week. … Continue reading

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Heart Healthy Burrito Recipe

Burritos are usually a meal that people associate with fast food.  But you can make healthy burritos at home to enjoy.  This is a recipe that’s been designed for my Fitfluential friend Danielle.  She’s surprising her Dad with a bunch … Continue reading

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Seriously, Bagel Day?

Apparently yesterday was National Bagel day.  I’ve done no research about it, I just read it where I read all my news – Facebook and Twitter.  But then I came home to a very guilty boyfriend who was far too … Continue reading

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I Love The Sun

Earlier in the week I was having a run of bad moods.  There were various reasons for the moods (mostly school and work related) but no use in reliving it all.  The one thing that has been a total blessing … Continue reading

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Bell Let’s Talk Day: A Conversation About Mental Illness

Today Bell Canada wants all of us to start a conversation about mental illness. Their Let’s Talk Day is designed to help rid the stigma about mental illness.  Here are some of the facts and statistics published on their website … Continue reading

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In Defence Of My Workout

I skipped my workout yesterday, and am not pushing it to today.  BUT in my defence I am up to HERE in studying contract law. I’m a bit behind where I feel comfortable and only have a few more hours … Continue reading

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That’s What You Get

Ahhhh another weekend behind us.  It didn’t exactly feel like a weekend to me though.  Yesterday afternoon I wrote an accounting exam.  EWWWWW!  I’m not sure I did so well.  I spent the whole weekend studying so last night as … Continue reading

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