Morning Workout Bliss

Yesterday was the first day back at school.  I have morning classes on Mondays which is good because it forced me back to the books.  However, when I got home I wasn’t feeling to study-ish.  I could have slugged around the house pretending to work but instead I headed to the Second Cup by my gym.

This accomplished a few things.

1.  forced me out of procrastination mode

2.  used some of their internet because my online accounting lectures are sucking up my internet usage and I don’t want to go over my allotted amount

3.  made sure I wasn’t going to skip my workout, I was already there when Brad got to the gym after work

I enjoyed a decaf and a banana for my pre-workout snack.

Now this morning we are very proud of ourselves for doing a morning workout.  This is so far from our usual workout routine.  And thankfully I had a partner in crime or I might not have been so committed.  Here’s what our morning looked like:


I woke up BEFORE my alarm went off!  Clearly I was excited.


Alarm goes off and I roll over to Brad.

Me: “are we actually doing this?”

Brad: “I don’t know are we?”

Me: “I don’t know do you want to?”

And then I got up.


Eat toast with peanut butter and a small coffee.  Get dressed.  Check emails, pack gym supplies.


RUN to the street car.  Oops!  Should a left a minute earlier.


Grab all our supplies – medicine ball, weights, yoga mat.  Fill up water  bottle.

6:15am – 6:45

Complete our workout – Nike Training Club app.  Brad keeps making us do advanced … OY!!!!!

6:45-7:05 am

I jumped on the elliptical machine for 20 minutes.  Brad headed to the shower.


Brad headed to work.  I grabbed his shower supplies and headed home.

7:30 am

Home!  Have protein shake, lots of water, and supplements.

YAAAAAAY!!!!!  We did it.  Now let’s see what the rest of my day will look like with this early morning accomplishment :)

Profess your love or hate for morning workouts.

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