We’re Kind Of On Vacation

I’ve yet to mention it this week but Brad and I are on vacation, kind of.  I’m on reading week (the Canadian version of Spring Break) and Brad took the week off of work.

We’re using the week to catch up on work.  We both have a bunch of homework and freelance work to do.

But we have been making time to have a little fun.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, we went to  …


For years I’ve been surveying everyone’s opinion of spin class, but have been too scared to try it myself.  Alas, we finally went.  And the truth is – it’s not scary at all.  It was nice to cycle with some music and the teacher controlling the tempo.

The class was only 45 minutes and we’ve been doing 90 minute training sessions every Saturday.  Thanks to our training, the class wasn’t that hard.

There was one problem.  My butt.  OHHHHHHHHHHH.M.G.  Why do those bikes have the weirdest most uncomfortable seats ever?  I can’t even sit down today it hurts so much.

When we got home we had a massive appetite.  I made toast with avocado, scrambled eggs, and carrot sticks.

Two days of vacation down, and two new workouts.  Don’t expect another new workout post tomorrow, we’re resting today :P.

Oh yeah – and last night we went to a documentary screening at the Library.  HOLLLLAAAAAA free date nights!

The documentary was The Economics of Happiness.  If you’re interested in seeing the film their website will be screening it for free today and tomorrow.  Check out the site for viewing times.

Spinning class, thumbs up or thumbs down?

PS I’m speaking at Podcamp this weekend, who’s coming?

PSS – Has everyone RSVP’s to our Toronto Blogger Meetup on Saturday?

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