Miso Forgetful

I’ve been a big bag of horrible lately about pictures.  It’s like all I can think about is homework.  But alas my blogging buddies, there have been many blog-worthy moments NOT caught on camera this week.

I get way too excited when I’m hooking up with friends and sometimes my memory escapes me.  When I’m meeting with my super cool old friends, they’re usually on the ball for me.  “Wait stop, don’t you need to take a photo?”  Yes, yes I do.

But when I’m meeting new friends I just can’t remember.  I probably need a new iPhone so I could just use that camera.  (Apple gods send me the 4S)

On Wednesday afternoon I met Will who is an ambassador for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  We chatted about fundraising and stuff.  (PS thanks a MILLION to everyone who donated to my Ride for Heart this week.)

Then last night, I went to a Community Management session for Social Media week hosted by High Road Communications and Chobani.  I purposely did not register for any SMW activities because of how much homework I had.  But when I heard Chobani was in town I smooth talked my way into their session ;).

After the session I went for dinner with the fun and fabulous Emily and Lindsay from Chobani.  We met last time they were in Toronto and for kicks and giggles they should probably show up here at least once a month.  I mean, we like yogurt so Toronto is a VERY important market.  But yeah – forgot to take a picture again.  So I sketched one out for you.  (I’m not Brad, don’t judge my artistic skills.)

I recommended Fresh since that’s where any food loving vegetarian should go when visiting Toronto.  They liked it.  See they have big smiles :D.

At the session last night I grabbed myself a strawberry Chobani since my grocery store never has it and I’ve yet to try it.  Hello magical breakfast.

There’s a good breakfast: strawberry chobani, zucchini muffin, and accounting.  This accounting assignment is due at midnight tonight.  The sooner it’s done, the better.  Miso ready for reading week!  Canadian Organic Growers conference tomorrow WHAT WHAT!!!

To celebrate the end of midterm weekssssss (yeah it lasted for like three weeks) should I:

a) go to the gym (especially since I’ll miss my training ride tomorrow)

b) wine, bottles and bottles of wine (or maybe just a glass)

c) watch the Sopranos (we just got disc 1 of season 5 from the library)

d) all of the above

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