Ravioli Held Hostage

Uh oh.  I’ve left my camera at Claire and Ronaldo’s house.  We were there for our annual Christmas dinner, which always takes place a few weeks after Christmas.  Ronaldo made some delicious ravioli but my photo is being held hostage at their house.

It was beet ravioli and looked something like this, only square.


Claire made rapini (which I don’t think I’ve ever had before) and orange and fennel salad.  I was so very full afterwards.  But there was still a teensy bit of room for cupcakes which I brought from the Cupcake Shoppe at Yonge and Eglinton.

Claire always thinks of the MOST thoughtful gifts for everyone.  Brad got a BB Gun to bring to the cottage.  I got a thingy to mount my iPhone on my bike so that I can track my time and mileage when I’m training for my Ride for Heart (in the spring, no outdoor biking now).

Speaking of training.  Yesterday I ventured over to the gym alone for my weekly training ride.  Poor Brad is still too sick, he had to have an hour nap before heading to our dinner last night.  I biked for 90 minutes and did a total of 29 km.  Surprisingly, it didn’t kill me.  Although I’m counting on my legs being sore tomorrow.  I always get sore two days after the gym, do you?

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