Ford Focus Review

For a week my photos have been kept hostage by someone known as the Apple repair man.  But fear not, with my laptop back in my possession I can now present my Ford Focus Review.

Over the Christmas break when Brad and I had to visit FOUR families for Christmas, Ford Canada was kind enough to loan us the 2012 Focus SEL Hatchback for review.  And we put a lot of kilometres on this baby in the week we had it.  Plus we were lucky (if you can call it lucky) to be able to test it out in a bunch of different weather conditions.

Artsy blogger shot …

Here’s a pros and cons list:

Thumbs UP:

  • Colour.  Ohhhh nelly this was a shiny car.  It was a very unique red, almost a poppy red.  When we were driving we saw a blue one which was literally the best colour of blue we’ve ever seen on a car.

  • Smooth ride.  The smoothest, honestly.  I rented a tonne of cars over the summer due to travelling with my job and this takes the cake for a smooth ride.
  • SYNC.  The feature that hooks your cell phone up to the car.  It was easy to do and made our long drives to see family easier since we could call them in the car or catch up with friends while we were out of town.

  • Dual temperature control.  This is a little thing that was probably my favourite part of the car.  Brad is always too warm and I am always too cold so we were each able to adjust the heat to where we wanted.  Honestly this was a little feature that made our trips WAY more comfortable.
  • Handles well in poor weather.  I got to drive it in freezing rain and Brad got to drive it in what may have been the only snow fall so far this winter.  Thankfully it handled perfectly well in both conditions during city driving and highway driving.
  • Storage.  Now remember it was a hatchback so I can only compare the storage area to other hatchbacks, I mean it’s not a mini van.  But we did get quite a bit of stuff in there.  We had lots of gifts plus our luggage.  And when we got back into town we went on a major grocery shopping trip.  That’s $200 worth of groceries.

Thumbs DOWN:

  • The windshield wipers.  First of all if you get this car you’ll want to replace them right away, the factory wipers are just not up to snuff.  Second, the wipers have a rain-sensing technology that’s supposed to help control the speed of the wipers.  This was not working well for us.  The sensor just didn’t seem to be able to comprehend the snow.  It was more of a hindrance than a help which is not what you want while driving on the highway during a snow fall.
  • Volume control.  This is nit-picky to be honest, but everyone cares about the audio stuff right?  There are too few volumes and the difference between, for example, 5 on the dial and 6 on the dial is too big.  I will say though – the sound quality is great.

Thanks again Ford Canada!

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9 Responses to Ford Focus Review

  1. I have a Ford Focus (2007). It’s a good car.
    Really like the new design.

    I agree with your pros and cons, even though my addition is 5 years older – I also don’t have many of the newer features. But it is a hatchback and I’m embarrassed by the amount of things I’ve tossed in that trunk (many of it has not come out again).

    I didn’t see anything about fuel efficiency or gas mileage. Mine’s pretty good. It should definitely be a consideration for anyone looking for this size vehicle.

    Love that color too.

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      Kristen thanks for chiming in about fuel efficiency. Our thought was that it ran a lot of kilometres on a little gas, and a bunch of those kms were in the worst stop and go traffic. However it’s always hard to comment on fuel efficiency when you only have the car for a short amount of time. Glad you were able to offer your comment on gas mileage! Thank you :)

  2. Dad says:

    Good honest review. FYI…the colour of your car was candy apple red. When you consider buying one, I know someone who can get you a good price.

  3. How fun! I woud love to do a review for a car company :)
    I like the Focus and would even consider one for my first car because they are small enough for me to feel comfortable in, if that makes sense.

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      you don’t like driving in large cars? yeah I can go either way with them … Brad wants to buy a Flex because “you can fit two hockey bags in it” apparently we’re having two sons :P

      I’ll have to see if I like driving the Flex cause it’s kind of a bigger car

      but my biggest “safety” feature is how fast it can get up to speed when merging onto the highway, the Focus had lots of pep for that!

  4. Eric says:

    good stuff! While we are not in the market for a car, I am always looking

  5. If I hadn’t been so poor when I bought my car, I would have gotten a Ford Focus. I wanted one then, and I want one now.
    A friend of mine drove one when we were 16 and I was in love with that car. The gas mileage it got was insane, and considering that I practically have to sell my first born to pay for gas, I very much appreciate that.

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      I know you have parking situations at your house, do you park on the road? If so you’d like the park assist option too – parks itself! We didn’t do any parallel parking while we had it but we totally appreciated the “beep beep beep” when we were backing out and getting close to something

  6. Great review! How did you get a gig reviewing a car?! My hubby’s dream job ;)

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