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Triceps For The Win

I don’t know about anyone else but when I get heavy into working out my shoulders, arms and chest I like to flex a lot.  I make Brad squeeze my “guns” to see how I’m doing.  Last week he had … Continue reading

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Mexican Casserole Recipe

Alright friends, I know that the blog world is going to explode with Superbowl recipes this week.  And I’m going to force one on your as well.  I’ve actually been making this mexican casserole recipe since last February’s Vegan for … Continue reading

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Elle Woods Trains For A Bike Race

Elle Woods is one of my favourite fictional characters ever.  (I’m sure I’ve mentioned that countless times on this blog).  The fact that I have law class this semester means that you’ve got another 3 months full of references.  Oh … Continue reading

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Ahhhhh Friday

Friday on a week where you’ve sat on the couch for days is not really Friday.  But heck I’ll take it. Being sick is incredibly boring.  I can’t decide what’s worse, being behind on homework or being behind in the … Continue reading

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When It Comes To Compromise

You know how people like to hate on celebrities that cry about being photographed?  For example, if Kim Kardashian complains about getting away from the paparazzi many people say she deserves what she gets since she broadcasts her life all … Continue reading

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Toronto Blogger Meetup

If you’re wondering if I’m feeling better this morning, I’m not :(.  I’ve decided to forego writing about my day yesterday (10:00 wake up, 10:01 blow my nose, 10:02 blow my nose) and hit you up with much more exciting … Continue reading

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Vegan Potato And Cheese Soup

Holly hell I’m sick.  For some reason I thought that I was going to be able to keep it away even though Brad was home sick with me for three days.  I truly can’t think of a time that if … Continue reading

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Chobani Bookclub

A few weeks ago I got a Happy New Year email from Emily at Chobani.  She was wondering if I wanted to bring some yogurt for my friends at school to try.  I had to email her back and tell … Continue reading

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Ravioli Held Hostage

Uh oh.  I’ve left my camera at Claire and Ronaldo’s house.  We were there for our annual Christmas dinner, which always takes place a few weeks after Christmas.  Ronaldo made some delicious ravioli but my photo is being held hostage … Continue reading

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Ginger Beer

Geez it’s been a jam packed week of a giveaway, a protest, and a book review.  Are you ready to get back to your regularly scheduled blogging?  (Read: do you want another oatmeal picture? Just kidding!) First thing, let me … Continue reading

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