YOU Get A Black Friday & YOU Get A Black Friday

Was that Oprah-like?  That’s what I was going for … be honest, did I get you there?  Oui ou non?

Today I have a un-regularly scheduled post for you.  See it’s NOT Thanksgiving at my house today.  I had Thanksgiving like six weeks ago.  But I’ll tell you what IS coming north – Black Friday!  I seem to be really missing the retail world these days so let me get my fix by sharing some deals with you.

In the last few years some retailers in Canada have started to offer “sales” on the day after US Thanksgiving.  They didn’t exactly call them Black Friday deals, and some weren’t even advertised.  Some customers got wind of them, some didn’t.  But this year there seems to be a bigger offering than ever before.  In fact lots of retailers are even putting out Black Friday flyers.  So I’ve collected some deals that I thought you Canucks might be interested in.


  • Sephora $12 beauty buys – visit the store tomorrow for a handful of single items and sets on sale for $12

  • Bath and Body Works – Purchase with purchase – buy $40 worth of products and be able to purchase their Holiday Bag filled with loads of goodies for $25

  • Sport Chek – sale started yesterday!  Up to 60% off

  • The Disney Store – some stores open at 6am for their MAGICAL Friday sale 😉
  • Future Shop – in-store sales start TODAY and online sales start tomorrow
  • Aerie – 40% off your purchase, sale started on Wednesday and runs to Saturday
  • Mark’s Work Warehouse – 20% off the entire store tomorrow only
  • Eddie Bauer – 40% off everything in the store tomorrow only

So who’s got shopping plans???

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