Weekend Wonderland

I still can’t believe that I get weekends off.  For years and years I had to work weekends.  Even over the summer with my job I had to work a handful of Saturdays.  So I still wake up on Saturday mornings full of relief that I get to stay in bed, or wake up early and let the AM hours be my oyster.

It’s been so fun hanging out with Brad all weekend.  We didn’t get to see much of each other with the work schedule I used to have.  On Saturday we went to the gym together.  We’re both pretty bad at committing to our lower body workouts so we decided to do it together.  I showed him a couple new exercises and he showed me a thing or two.  We’re both sore this morning (you know, the two mornings later kind of sore).

The last two Saturdays I woke up early before Brad did and got to cooking.  Two Saturdays ago I made pumpkin pancakes. MMMMMmmmmm.  I had two rounds.

First round was peanut butter and jelly.

Second round was yogurt, coconut, and walnuts.

And this Saturday I made french toast.  I made it into a sandwich with banana, peanut butter, and syrup.

Ahhhhhhhhh.  I savour every moment of my weekend because I am so grateful to have that time for me now :)

What do you do with your weekend mornings?  Sleep?  Workout?  Make a delicious breakfast?

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