Controlling Stressors

Last night in my Organizational Behavior class we learned about stress.  Even though it was in the context of the workplace, it certainly got me thinking.  We learned that Type A personalities are at the highest risk of physical consequences such as high blood pressure and heart disease.  ”If you want to figure out if you’re Type A or Type B I think there’s a test in the back of the textbook” said my teacher.  I don’t really need a test, I’m well aware of what camp I fall into.

As it turns out I have been trying to control my stressors lately.  The little ones.  You know those tiny things in your day that  just make you anxious or uncomfortable.  One of those things for me is my temperature.  I’m always freezing, so with the cold weather officially here it’s a daily problem for me.  No amount of sweaters, tights, wool socks or scarves seems to do it.  Before I leave for class every day I make a thermos of tea.  It’s enough for three cups of tea and in a three hour class that’s a pretty good ratio and I stay warm.

Another stressor for me is transit.  When I started going to school my commute time was about 40 minutes.  Now there’s a bunch of construction on my campus and all these road closures and the bus literally sits in traffic not being able to get into the school.  It takes over an hour now.  However I’ve found that in the mornings if I can leave 15 minutes earlier then I can avoid some of the traffic and it gets me to school quite a bit earlier.  I get to use the extra time for studying (and enjoying tea!)

So I’ve switched my alarm to a duck noise.



I don’t know why but the duck noise is so much more pleasing than a regular alarm noise.  It’s set 15 minutes earlier and although it’s been tough getting out of bed, I know I’ll get used to it.  It’s well worth it!

What little differences could you make in your day for it go smoother?

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10 Responses to Controlling Stressors

  1. amber says:

    Accepting annoying people as your own problem, rather than getting angry at strangers. My biggest pet peeve that used to take me on a crazy tirade every time it occurred, was when people stand on the left side of the escalator. It has taken me years,. Actual YEARS to get over this. I see now that other people don’t care as much about this teensy little issue as I do. Now when it happens instead of stomping my feet and yelling swear words in my mind, I just take a deep breath and say to myself “you aren’t in a rush anyhow .. This will be a difference of 1 minute in time .. Calm down” .. Its amazing when you let these small things go, how much happier you can be !

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      I think I’ll have to take up the same method next … I’ll admit the standing on the left thing makes me rage as well.

  2. I take 15-20 minutes every night to go through the apartment and do a “clean sweep.” I can’t stand to wake up to anything out of place, but for a while there I’d say “I’m too tired to do this!” But then I’d wake up and immediately be stressed.

  3. figuring out what to make for dinner is a major stressor for me, so i make it a point to meal plan. when i don’t have a plan and have to figure it out on the fly, i get all frantic.

    meal planning easily helps that!

  4. My alarm is set on “sunrise”. It’s sounds like chirping little birds :)

  5. I change my alarm noise all the time. Well, at least the one on my phone. I like to wake up to music, so I change it every couple months to a different song. Otherwise I grow an intense hatred to whatever song it is after awhile. My clock alarm plays the radio. I dont know why, but I would far rather wake up to music than any other noise.

    To make my days go smoother I could probably stop being lazy in the mornings and instead of sitting on the couch with the dog, actually leave on time. But I think we both know thats not about to happen anytime soon.

  6. Jenn A. says:

    It definitely helps me when I set my alarm a bit earlier. It’s a lot better to have a relaxed morning where I can take my time getting ready than getting that extra bit of sleep only to be stressed and running around in order to make it on time for work.

  7. I am not a fully type A but I do get stressed with I don’t have full control over what I’m supposed to take care of.

    For example, yesterday we were having people over for football and my little sick boy was very clingy and I needed to hold him almost constantly (he had a fever and whatnot) and I started freaking out about making food and cleaning the house. If I let myself think about it, I would have had a meltdown. I managed not to though. It turned out fine. haha

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