Better Late

Better late than never right? Yes I know morning is almost done and I’m just getting this post up now, so unlike me.  But I was sleeping 😛 … and when I woke up I got straight to work on some of Brad’s stuff.  Yup it’s all hands on deck in this house trying to get ready for this weekend’s show.

But now I’m here, and now I can tell you about all the things I didn’t get to eat at book club last night.

Like sushi.  Ohhhhhhhhh sushi.  That was a hard one.  We invited some new members to book club and one of the newbies brought sushi.

There were other delicious treats too, Claire even brought a chocolate cake from Sweets From The Earth.  OY!

Kate was the host and while she served wine and beer to everyone else she generously suited me up with a coconut water juice box.

Our book was The Help.  I read it so long ago that I couldn’t remember some of the parts (yeah I know it was only a month ago but still it felt long.)  I haven’t seen the movie yet, have you?

Next bookclub’s book: Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

And remember I’m also reading Lunch Wars for my next Blogher bookclub book.

And remember I’m also reading my statistics text book.

… in case you want to read along with any of them 😉

In other news, this morning I had peanut butter on my toast.  It tasted glorious.  My tummy is reacting a teensy bit to it.

Are you in a book club?  What are the rules of your book club?  What do you do for snacks, drinks, etc?

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