His Jaw Dropped

First off, I must show you the delightfully pink flowers that Brad brought me yesterday as congratulations for my officially official news.

So I was very excited when I got to reveal our dinner to the man of the house.  Somehow I managed to keep it a secret so that I could pull it out of the oven and have him walk upon the wonder that was:

Mama Pea’s Tater Tot Casserole

And don’t forget the peas!

Oh and don’t forget the TATER TOTS!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHH it’s too good to be true!  Okay Mama Pea used sweet potato tater tots but we didn’t have any of those at our grocery store.  The regular kind worked totally fine :)  Brad’s jaw literally dropped when he walked around the corner.  He could not believe that he was getting tater tots for dinner.

Because we’re really fancy when we eat our tater tots, we also opened a bottle of red.  Oh la la romantic date – we even turned the TV off.  That’s HOT.

No really it was totally hot because I had the oven on for hours doing some cooking and baking and THEN I made the casserole.

I shall quote Brad’s final reaction (not that I asked him for it):

“That was good.  Real good.  My only complaint … not enough tater tots.  Next time do more tater tots.  In fact, put a layer of tater tots on the bottom, then casserole, then another layer of tater tots on top.”

When was the last time you ate tater tots?

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