At Home And Away

I am officially back at work today now that my exam period is over. Actually yesterday was my first day back but I only had at home work to do. Today I am on the road again visiting accounts that are out of town. Man I’m getting good at packing.

What I don’t think I’ll ever be able to perfect is eating on the road. To some people it might seem fun to not have to cook and grab food on the company’s dime. But truth is – not that fun. First off I of course have a food allowance that I have to stay within, it’s doable but it gets tight at times. The worst part of it is that there is no control. Even if you make the effort to seek out healthier choices, you still give away your control.

Take this delicious bowl of cereal I had for breakfast this morning. It was yogurt that I bought at the store so that I could read all of the ingredients and homemade granola.

Now take this yogurt and granola bowl that I ate on the road. (It’s not from Starbucks, it’s from a grocery store across the street from the mall.) What kind of yogurt is this? Where were these berries grown? What ingredients in the granola? And … What the HELL is that mushy stuff on the bottom? More granola? Because if so that’s gross, so weird!

Oh and by the way, most of those yogurt and granola bowls you can buy on the go usually have syrup of some sort in it to go with the berries.

This is further proof that you should always eat at home when possible, special occasions excluded.

What’s your taking – eating on the road, thumbs up or thumbs down?

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