That’s More Like It … Just Very Crumbly

Thank you for all your nice words and congratulations yesterday.  I took the day to catch up at some of those to do’s and also sat around a bit and spent some time in my google reader.  For lunch I had an entire blender of green smoothie :)

Feeling like I was back on the straight and narrow I decided to try my hand a new recipe that I had put on my meal plan this week but never got to.  It was the black bean patties from Clean Food (pg 123).

They did not go so well.

I was suspect about the directions to cook them in a frying pan seeing as I was not sure how the onion was going to cook all the way through and girrrrrrl let me tell you I am not eating no raw onion.  But problem number two was that they totally fell apart.  So I decided to move them onto a baking sheet.

Somehow two patties were actually saved from the batch and looked like patties so I very gingerly scooped those up onto my burger thin buns.  I was preparing for it to be a little dry so I topped mine up with some ketchup and vegannaise.  Brad topped his with bbq sauce and cheese, I guess he didn’t get the memo about them being vegan burgers 😛 .

Not sure I will make these again.  I’ll need some time to think about it!  I gave up on patties for the rest of the mixture and just threw it all in a pan to cook through and bought some wraps and salsa and avocado for the leftovers.

What was the last new recipe that you tried?  Success or ………. not?

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