Is There Anything Busier Than A Bee

Because if there is, that’s me.  Really like maybe a crazy busy lizard or something?  This morning my busyness has hit an intense and possibly manic pace.  You may have noticed how late I’m publishing this post.

First off – I’ve been nursing a migraine off and on since Sunday.  I’m sure a bit of it is weather related but I’m pretty sure the bulk of it is coming from exam stress and the sore neck I have from sitting at my desk all day long.  This morning I got out of bed but only made it as far as the couch before I went down for the count again until 9am.  Then just as I was about to make breakfast I heard a thunderous noise on my porch.  It was Fedex.

My tiny Toronto apartment is starting to look like a stock room due to all the stuff I get shipped for work.

The other problem is that I’m trying to multi-task like a maniac, which really gets a little bit of everything started and nothing finished.  Like last night when I was making dinner.  I had the thought to photograph my totally smile-worthy trip to the garden to get basil for my dinner.

But didn’t remember to photograph my dinner.  I can assure you it was delicious, it was pasta with tomatoes (close your eyes and visualize hahaha).  Oh and by the way – I’ve never been so happy for the rain that is currently falling which means I don’t have to water the garden today :)

So for the rest of today I have to do some work, some errands, some blog related stuff, some chores, and most importantly study.  The best thing about studying is using my online Economics study plan.  The website has test questions that check for retention after studying every section and it’s very encouraging when you get a question correct.

Nice Work?  Oh thank you, well let me just go on to the next question.

Other comments include:

  • Fantastic!
  • Good Job!
  • Excellent!
  • Well done!

I’m pretty sure that I need everything in my life to be this encouraging.  Let’s say I send an email to my boss, why can’t I have a box pop up and say “Super!”

In your mind, what is the busiest of all animals?  I’m thinking ants?

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13 Responses to Is There Anything Busier Than A Bee

  1. Yum, I love basil!!

    Busy animals….bees?

  2. I think we could all use some encouragement like that. From now on, everytime you send me an email Im going to reply just by saying, “WAY TO GO!!”

  3. Suzanne says:

    Get you some quality peppermint oil. Put it on a cotton ball and dab it on your temples. Then hold it under your nose and take a few whifs………relief!

  4. At this point in the season…I love when we get quick showers and I don’t have to water the garden either! :D The basil looks great!!

  5. jeremy says:

    i think beavers are supposed to be busy as well….

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      yeah I think you’re right … PS what is more important than Bayfield this weekend fool?

  6. Definitely NOT my dog. She gets up when I get up to train, goes out to potty, and then goes straight back to bed. I’m bitter.

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