It’s A Regular Sanitation Serenade

“Oh, I love trash!
Anything dirty or dingy or dusty
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty
Yes, I love trash

Man oh man do I ever love composting.  Really it’s so cool!!!!!!  My friend asked me last night “what exactly do you like about composting … the smell?”  True it does smell, but it’s so interesting to watch how things decompose.  I stir my compost.  I water my compost.  And as you’ve seen above I even photograph my compost.

But unfortunately the compost won’t be ready for my veggies this summer so I had to improvise.  This morning I made my own fertilizer or as I like to call it – a trash smoothie!

First I started by making myself a smoothie with spinach, pineapple, frozen mango, banana, orange juice, and hemp protein powder.

Then I started on my trash smoothie …

Morgan’s homemade fertilizer:

  • a weeks worth of coffee grounds
  • a couple heaping tablespoons of wood ash
  • starchy water from boiling pasta

Yahooooooo, it was so exciting!  I spread it around in all my pots and then gave them a really good and deep watering to make it through the heat today.

Also – I noticed that I have green beans.  I was so hung up on the leaves on this plant because it’s really where the slugs have been going crazy that I didn’t even notice this bounty.


Any other trash lovers out there?

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4 Responses to It’s A Regular Sanitation Serenade

  1. hahaha you’re awesome.
    If you’re THAT interested in compost, they make composting toilets. Oh yah, thats right, theyre exactly what you think they are. Google it.

  2. donna weaver says:

    I’m lol’ing

  3. I think I need to make this fertilizer! This was the first year I’ve had a garden of my own and I love it :)

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